Sales Rent/Sales

Seaview and Labuan Landscape Condominium, Built-up area 1,679sq.ft. Lot5,12th floor, Alpha Tower, International Financial Park, Labuan for sales RM1.3Million

Industrail Land zone for sales area 9.75acre CL.999 at Ranca ranca Lama roadside RM23.4M

Shophouse Lot For Sales, located in Tang Kah Hua Shophouse, W.P. Labuan. RM 2.6m

Conner Shop Lot 3storey for sales at Lazenda Shophouse, W.P. Labuan RM3.2M

Apartment for sale or rent, 4rooms. Grd floor, at Taman Mutiara, Kg Sg. Bedaun, Labuan, Sales RM200,000.00, Rent with full partition and fully furnished only RM2,000.00 Mounthly

Commercial Land CL.999 area 4acres for sales RM20M at town area, W.P. Labuan

Industrail Land area 10acrs at Patau Patau for sales RM2.2MPer/Acre

Industrail zone Land 2.83acres for sales at Ranca-Ranca RM5.5M

Semi D double storey for sales  at Lanzenda 2, RM750K
Double storey semi D for sales RM800K, at TMN. FULIHUA
Double storey tarres house at TMN. Kurang 1,Labuan, Sales 420k Commercial Land TL 999 for sales at fount of Finincial Park, area 1acre RM200.00 per/sq.ft.
Land area 34.4acres beside the seariver at Jalan Kinabenuw, Sg.Keling for sales.

Industrail Land for sales at Kian Siam Labuan area 13acres RM26Per/Sq.Ft. and 12.65acres RM23Per/Sq.Ft

Land CL 999 area 1.56acre at Pancu hitam sales RM 600 and Semi D. double storey for sales at Pohon Batu . RM420k

Bungalow HOUSE FOR SALES CL.999 2minits to town RM2.8M. Jalan Kampung Jawa, W.P. Labuan, Malaysia. Double Storey semi-D house for sales, at Ranca Ranca Tan Boon how sale RM550K Labuan F.T.
* Industry Land CL.999 AREA 1.2 acres for sales, RM100 PER/SQ.FT at Ranca-Ranca W.P. Labuan
* 4.45cres Land CL for sales at jalan Beboloh Kg. Sg. Bedaun RM450K per/acre
Single storey Semi D.FREE HOLD area 4,450sq.ft. for sales at Tanjung Aru, Labuan RM650k
Land for sales at hightway Tanjung Aru CL.99 4.96Acres Roadside selling RM400k per/acre. And Commercial Land for sales at fount of Finincial Park, area 11,000sq.ft RM150.00 per/sq. Warehouse in Saguking for sales. RM1.9m
Land for sales at beside of Glof Club Labuan area 2.7acres CL/999 RM2.7M

Semi D HOUSE for sale at taman Hill Top area 378m sq. beauiful landscapa, fully furnished, Sales RM 750K neg. Inclusive of all furnture and fitting

KARAOKE BUSINESS with property shoplot 3storey for sales W.P. Labuan RM2.8M


Shoplot 2story at Kimanis, Papar, Sabah, for sales Conner RM800K and midle lot RM750K

Karamusing Warehouse double storey for sale at Karamusing Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia. RM2.6M

Land for sales area 5.49acres, at next of TaiPan, Inanam Kota Kinabalu RM210Per/Sq.Ft.

Commercial Land Area 20,500 sq.ft. at Inanam, Kota Kinabalu for sales RM3.5M

CL. Land seaside area440acres at Papar, Sabah sales RM200k Per/acre.

Land CL. 999 roadside at Sg. Labu Labuan for sales area 5.6acers price RM350K per/acre. Shophouse Lot for Rent, Ground Floor, Jati Commercial Centre Labuan, Mouthly rental is only RM4,600.00
Shop house for sales RM2.8M at Lanzenda3 Commercial Centre, Labuan 1st floor office for rent RM2,800-
Empty Land CL.999 AREA 1.7acres at Lajau roadside for sales 1.3M, Labuan. And Land at Merinting 11acres roadside 580k per/acre SEMI D, Double Storey House for Sales, located in Taman TNM Bendera, near Finincial Park, Labuan. M9000,000.00
For sales nice view with Tennis court, lake, fresh air with morning and evening, 21/2 stories bungalow extended with 4 rooms,3 toilets, and 2 living rooms. semi furnish,with land size appormax. 7000 sq. ft. offer at RM790,000 negotiable. Click For More Special Products Sales:-
  • EURO COLLECTION SALE RM4,550.00 OR USD.1,300.00
  • R&C Watch for sale with price RM1,500.00
  • Property Labuan - 1 office building 5 storey area 1.2acers for sales, RM.6.5m Shop Lot for SALES RM2.9M At Tang Kah Fah, W.P.Labuan
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