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The international island Garden of Borneo.
Where the world relaxes and recuperates

*Come Home TO LABUAN*


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"Long Vacation for the Silver Haired"

Silver Haired Programme

Aspecial invitation to a long vacation

Labuan islandcordially invites senior citizens, pensioners along with the apouses from all over the world to vacation in one of Britain's most easterly ex-colonial refuelling outposts for an extended period of up to five years.

Journey to the International Island Garden of Borneo


The British first came to Labuan in 1846 and ruled the island for 119 years until 1963 when Labuan joined Malaysia. They were high ranking government officials such as Sir James Brooke and Sir Hugh Low. A large number were miners in what was then the Empire's biggest coal mining activity in the Far East.. They left a legacy of British colonialism. You can rediscover th footsteps of these pioneers and experience life on an ex-colonial tropical island.

Life on the island is like being on a cruise liner; surrounded by the sea, sun and leisure, good food and friendly communication

The British Made Labuan Their Refuelling Station With Coal Mining Becoming Its Major Industry for 64 years

The British ruled Labuan for one hundred and seventeen years. It was a strategic refuelling ststion for British steamships of the day. The island was ceded to British by the Brunei sultanate in 1846 and was subsequently established as a free port in 1956. The British ruled the island for the next one hundred and seventeen years until Labuan joined Malaysia in 1963.

Labuan was British naval base to fight the pirates in the Brunei Bay. Some old graves bearing the names of young British sailors who died fighting the pirates can still be seen today at the Botanical Garden.

The only industry on the island then was coal mining. Seven British companies consecutively mined the coal for 64 years. A railway ilne was built to transport coal from Tanjung Kubong coal mine to Victoria Port. Labuan was the only significant coal-mining centre of the rhen British Empire in the Far East in 1847. The Chimney and the tunnels, which are the remnants of the coal mining days, can still be seen today.

Labuan underwent many adminisstrative changes brought about by inept governors who were either pre-occupied with a variety of illness or were left with too much of idle time. One governor kept cows and was so successful, he began making butter!

The main town of the island was named Victoria, after Queen Victoria.


The Island Still Has A Colonial Feel To It

A railway was built to transport coal from Tanjung Kubong coal mine to Victoria Port along McArthur Road known today as Jalan Tun Mustapha

This is the famous "chimney", a 106 feet high red brick stack belived to be linked to the coal mining days of Labuan. Some thought it functioned as a ventilation shaft while others wondered whether it is Labuan's most featured landmark and also an archaelogical mystery. Careful digging revealed at least 12 layers of bricks beneath the surface. What's particularly interesting is the discovery of kaolin or porcelain clay. It provides the firm natural foundation that kept the structure from sinking or leaning to one side, as would be expected of most strucures this old.

The Botanical Garden was formely the site of the Government House, locally known as "Bumbung12". Built in 1852, the house was a long and low structure with an interesting roof design. It was the venue of many grand receptions. Today,only the water storage tank remains, along with a small grave of a much loved foxhound named'Jim'.

World War II

Japanese Occupied Labuan And Changed Its Name To Pulau Maida

A plaque commemorating the death of General Maida

During the Japanese occupation in 1942, the island was re-named Maida Island after General Maida, the chief commander of the Japanese forces in Borneo. He was later killed in an air crash on the way to Labuan. Japanese ruled the island for almost three years from 1942 until 1945.

On 10th June 1945 Allied Forces Landed In Labuan And Liberate Japanese Occupied Bornec

The liberation of Borneo by the Allied Forces started in Labuan on 10th June 1945. Under the command of General MacArtur, the Australian forces landed in Labuan. The island was reverted back to British rule until 1963.

LABUAN is a beautiful GARDEN island of BORNEO.

Enjoy its PRISTINE beaches, WARM TROPICAL water, the BALMY weather and friendly English speaking people with a tradition of welcoming visitors, Enjoy the sun and listen to the rhythm of the breaking waves. This is a garden island for senior citizens of the world. A place to RELAX and RECUPERATE.

Not just for a day but for AS LONG AS YOU LIKE.

Procedures and guldelines for Silver Haired scheme can be obtained from Malaysia Immigration Deparment or the nearest Malaysian embassies.


Program is to allow people from all over the world, who fulfill certain criteria, to stay in Malaysia as long as possible on a social visit pass with multiple entry visa. The Social Visit Pass is issued initialy for a period of 5 years and is renewable.

Please contact your nearest Malaysian tourism office or Malaysia Embassy for details. Embassies of Malaysia, Malaysian Embassy Global Information.

  1. Low Cost of Living - Labuan is a small tropical island off the west coast of Borneo with a total land area of 92 square Kilometres and a population of 75,000. It has daily direct flights from Kuala Lumpur, Brunei, Sabah, Sarawak and other principal cities in the region. It shares the same time zone with all major centres in Asia Pacific. A modern infrastructure including newly constructed airport and ground satellite ststion for state-of -the- art telecommunication sevices. It has a quality lifestyle with one of the lowest cost of living in the region. Its duty free ststus makes Labuan one of the best places to shop for imported goods.
  2. Duty Free Limousine - Labuan is a duty free port. It is the cheapest place in Asia to buy expensive imported cars.
  3. Rich Cultural Experience - There are two main water villages in Labuan. The residents are mainly the Kadayan and Brunei Malay. The wooden houses are built on stilts over water and are connected to each other by numerous wooden walkways. The village consists of large communities with shops, mosques and other facilities.
  4. Modern Amenities and Luxurious Living -
  5. Telecommunication - The island boasts a state-of-the-art satellite telecommunication system. Two computerised exchanges with a capacity for 16,000 lines connect Labuan via voice, text, video and data to 217 countries and major global communication networks around the world. The facilities allow video conferencing, high speed fax and multimedia applications.
  6. International Offshore Financial Centre - "Investment Opportunities" Labuan is one newest and most dynamic international offshore financial centers in the world today. It has rapidly achieved a leading position in Asia as an important center for offshore investments. Many innovative offshore financial products such as bancassurance, rent-a-captive and trust services are available for the independently wealthy individuals.
  7. Quality Wine At Duty Free Prices - Wines and liquors are the cheapest in the region.
  8. All Types Of Asian Food - BEACH BBQ Nightly beach BBQ is available in major beach resort on the island. "Fresh Seafood In Various Culinary Styles" Labuan is a haven for fresh seafood cooked in tasty Malay, Chinese, Indian and Japanese styles.

Silver Haired Programme

The government of Malaysia welcome Senior Citizens, Pensioners along with the spouses from all over the world (except nationals of Israel and Yyugoslavia), to stay in Malaysia on a long term year-to-year basis for 5 years initiaally and followed by an extension of stay for another year to year basis for the next subsequent 5 years. This programme is not pre-condition to Permanent resident status eligibility.


* Age Qualification- Applicants must be 50 years and above. However, age of spouse is unconditional
* Financial Qualification - Applicants with apouse, must derive pension(s) or royalties or other income of not less than RM10,000.00 Per month. Single applicant-persion or royalties or income of RM7,000.00 per month. OR Applicants with spouse - in possession of savings of RM150,000.00 Single Applicant - in possession of savings of RM100,000.00 (Saving to be transferred to local bank or financial institutions and applicant(s) must maintain the income or savings when renewing their Visit Pass annually).
* Madical Coverage/Insurance - Applicant must possess medical coverage/insurance applicable in Malaysia. In case of person of old age refused insurance coverage by an insurance company, this requiement is optional. (rovide proof)
* Visa Requirements - National of countres that require visa to enter Malaysia will be granted a visa in Malaysia if the application is successful. This will be followed by the issuance of a year-tp-year Visit Pass.
* Restriction On Employment - Applicants issued Visit Passess under the Silver- Hair Programme, are not allowed to participate in any form of employment. Taking part in volunteer organizations in accordance with the government rules.
* Submission Of Applications - Applications must be submitted the:

Malaysia Immigration Department Headquaters
Block l, Level 4, Pusat Bandar Damansara, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Sponsors for these applications must either be Malaysian citizens or Permanent residents of Malaysia. Applicants already in the country are permitted to apply provided their Psses are valid. Acquiring the services of any agent, middleman of a consultan firm (inclusive of legal firm) is strictly prohibited. All applications must be completed by local sponsor and submitted personally and directly to the Immigration Department.

Application Requirements

  1. Letter of application or covering memo.
  2. Two (2) copies of IMM12 (application from for Visit Pass)
  3. Personal Bond duly signed by the sponsor and stamp duties by the Stamp Duty Office Persoal Bond is available at the Immigration Office.
  4. Two (2) Passport sized photographs of applicants and spouse
  5. Photocopies of applicant and spouse Passport/Travel Documents
  6. Marriage certificates (if accompanied by spouse)
  7. Acertified copy of applicants Bank's statement
  8. A certified copy of medical insurance policy
  9. A certified copy of sponsors malaysian identity card
  10. Other supporting document (if any)

* Client Chater - All applications will be received and proccesed within a time frame of 14 working days.
* Fees - The fee for one year Visit Pass Social is RM90,00 The fee for visa will be based in the existing bilateral agreement of visa fees between the two contracting countries.

Nearest Contact Number

  1. Tourism Malaysia, London
    Tel: 0171-9307932
  2. Malaysia Embassy, London
    Tel: 0207-4355098
  3. Malaysia Airline, London
    Tel: 0207-3412020

All information contained herein is correct at the time of production. Whilst every care is taken in the preparation of this brochure, Labuan Development Authority cannot be held reponsible for any inaccuracy, omission or alteration that may occur.

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