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Your Niche Destination, The Island in Malaysia.
For Business & Pleasure

Labuan is one of Asia's best kept secrets. It is place where the old and the new complement each other, where traditional ways and hi-tech methods co-exist, where pleople of diverse cultures live in perfect harmony. Surrounding coral reefs provide a glimpse into the fascinating and delicate marine eco-system. Secluded beaches on nearby islands offer quiet solitude. Four shipwrecks promise the thrill of danger for expert divers. The island,s rich history is reflected in its unique customs, monuments and memorial parks.

From world-class resorts and five star hotels to broadband telecommunications, Labuan is well equipped to host corporate meetings, incentives, conventions and exhibitions. It's success as a progressive International Offshore Financial Center in Asia further boosted the island's appeal among the world's rich and famous. As a duty free island, Labuan enjoys many special privileges and facilities. Besides great bargain shopping, the island offers plenty of business and investment opportunities. Raw materials and components used in manufacturing can be brought in and exported free of duty and taxes. The easing of custom control allows many profitable entreport activities to be conducted freely in Labuan.

Shipbuilding, ship repair, oil and gas are among the main economic activities on the island. Other fast growing sectors include banking and finance, tourism and education.

Profile of Labuan

Area: 95 sq. km.

Land use: 56% developed.

Population (2000): 78.000 comprising of 41.900 males and 36.100 females.

Labour force (1999): Males - 16.300 (95% employed); Females - 15.100 (90% employed).

Religion: Islam is the official religion of Malaysia. Freedom of worship is guaranteed. Places of worship for Muslims, Hindus, Christians and Buddhists are available.

Language: Bahasa Melayu is the national language. However, English, Chinese and Tamil are widely spoken.

Telecommunication: Fibre optic cable network capacity - 36.750 lines. Present 13.000 telephone subscribers.

Education: This Island has 1 International School, 14 Primary Schools, 7 Secondary Schools, 1 Technical School, 1 Matriculation College and 1 University.

Healthcare: 1 Hospital with 109 beds; 13 government doctors and 15 private practitioners.

Conveniences: Hotel Rooms (2004) - 1.050


Getting To Labuan | Flights Time Table | Taxi Zone | Ferry Time Table | Useful Telephone | History | City Map