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Perfect Print Shop (LA0004837-T)
Lot 7, MPWPL U0472E, Ground Floor, Block A, Lazenda Shophouse Phase lll
P.O. Box 398, 87008 F.T. Labuan MALAYSIA
Tel : +6 087 - 582339     Fax : +6 087 - 582339     e-mail : ppshop@tm.net.my


Our setting up goals is to fulfill customer needs on their documentation & presentation arrangements with wide variety of choice & methods to getting things done in a more systematic way in accordance to their needs & budget.

The aim is to catagorised a bulk quantity of assignment & project materials to the respective receiver to be easily access & nice-to-be-read, clearly and precisely.

Our service is not a " once-and-done " job. Client expectations and the market situation are both subject to change. We will review our service regularly to ensure they continue to be appropriate in the near future.

So, our Slogan " Small In Size , Big On Service " is not just about the name, but also about becoming a more Customer-Centered organization in general. In order to achieve this targets, we welcome your suggestions for improvement and your on-going commitment to better service to your esteem Company. In this way, we can be sure we will achieve even more together.

If you are in need of the above service, we will be able to quote you upon request.

* Fully equipped High Speed Copier c/w Document Feeder & 20 - bins Sorter & Auto stapling functions.
* Production per minute = 170 copies (45 X 2) + (40 X 2)

Home | Introduction | Product | Services | Contact Us