LabuanWeb Newsletter of 28th September 2004


Why you should advertise in the TELLGLOBAL as the world's local web information industry directory?

TELLGLOBAL as directional of the world's local web source the information in IT-related companies in Malaysia. Importantly, the directory tells the local or globalize customers where to source for products and services as it offers business listings of traders that are involved in Technology and Communication Industry. It also provides informative mix of news, views and latest development in IT-related businesses.

RESULTS - More people will respond to your advertisement as buyers can locate your advertisement from local or globalize thoughout the time to time. As a "reference small and medium" it provides an inordinately high percentage of new prospects.
VALUE - Low cost and more affordable than other forms of advertising.
DISTRIBUTION - Distributed local and globalize as complimentary copies to IT-related traders.
USAGE - People use and keep the local web of the directories as a easy reference throughout the time to time.

To Solve All Your Information and Buying Problems, Consult The LabuanWeb.Com That Works 24 Hours A Day 365 Days A Year And Use The Fast Find Index. To Locate The Products Or Services, Or Links Without Limitatoin Website Banner That You Need!
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"Advertise in the local web before it's too late."

LabuanWeb Newsletter of Jun

We are providing e-commerce solutions in varieties business and local information, which similar with yellow pages as one stop of Internet field. Nowadays, had average 1,800 (One Thousand eight hundred) Hits per day. International Visitor 85% and National 15%.

  • Since in May 2003, we at TELLGLOBAL had upgrade our service, with more excellent of services is as follows:-

    LabuanWeb Account

      • A service that will indicated clients name after LabuanWeb dot com address. Such as You can indicate whatever name as you prefer as is it will be a sign of correspondence.
  • LabuanWeb E-mail
      • A service that will indicated personal name e-mail Forwarding such as You may use any name as you like as it can easily for personal or company use. And allow e-mail Auto-reply. This service is open to local residents as free of charge.
  • We hereby proposed the following contents in your site.

    LabuanWeb Services

    1. Homepage Develop
    2. Page Advertisement / Pop Window Advertising
    3. e-commerce Solutions / Banner Link / Text Link
    4. Public memoirist - Free Of Charge
    5. Getting To Labuan / Schedule / History etc.

  • 1st May 2003

    Newsletter for May 2003

    Towards to the global economic changing and full use of demand, we at TELLGLOBAL LabuanWeb once again will upgrade with more facilities to our clients, can use services of web account and web aliase e-mail. Web account, provide service in using your surename at the end of LabuanWeb site address, example whereby (aliase webmail forward) provide service on e-mail address for personal use, example Do e-mail to us your particular such as Name, Sex, Age, Occupation and

    With no more than 25 alphabets, not allowed Spacing, Coma, Dash, Slash, Aliases, Dot. User must have own curent e-mail account with other company. Facility of aliases webmail it's free of charge for our local resident.

    Advantage of its will convenience to all our visitors and searching the web. Dodrop a suggestion if you all want to improve our services.
    Lower price in internet will suit your facilities of using.

    1st April 2003

    Newsletter for April 2003

    As the time ahead with current fast growing business in Malaysia, we at TELLGLOBAL much concern as with the e-global of business has been reach the peak of today, the e-commerce solutions. D search through our web site to view and more can be easily link you to the future of one button.

    Current news can be obtain with any related in our LabuanWeb. Services such as seek employment can be done easily. We hope more trend of people will support the useful of e-commerce as TELLGLOBAL LabuanWeb is your future direction. We at TELLGLOBAL look for more of you all support as your business solutions with e-commerce can be the supportive edge and margin of better service. TELLGLOBAL offer good value at the competitive level with prerpective market.

    1st March 2003

    Brand New Year (LabuanWeb)

    A brand new year is here. As trend is growing up, We revitalized key aspects of our service with the aim to improve our offerings and services to you. Major nighlights included the service to all level of people as public service facility.

    We offer, those who looking for employment might advertise your resume with us, for professional and excutive level, fee of RM10.00 will be impose for 2 months.

    For standard lever, it is free of charge. Your resume can be write in english or malay, and also you can send your resume by e-mail to us, click contact us. Do state which location of employment as you want. It is easy of refernce. This facility gives you a chance to seek a job, as employer will search our site for qualified candicates. As you want to withdraw from advertisement, do contact us and we will process if immediately. Our prompt service is there.

    Our commitment to our customer remain on top prority thuonghout the process and we shall glad with your all support.

    Do visit our site, as more valuable link can be direct to you. We hope, you will stay with us to enjoy the benefits and enhancements services.

    27th Jan 2003

    TELLGLOBAL (LabuanWeb)

    "Wish You Happy Chinese New Year 2003"!!!

    1st Dec 2002

    Happy Ramadan And Happy Christmas

    In the recent years there has been a growing realization that internet is fundamentals altering our perceptions of current business line. Coming in few months our foot in Labuan, the e-commerce in Labuan has undergone many changes over the time. It certainly has become more efficient and sophisticated, with more and business advertisement being churned out in our website. We look forward our commitment to create more series facilities in our website to enable each link of you will benefit from one and abroad information being update with current economic situation.
    Coming special feature of festive season, we at TELLGLOBAL would like to wish you all "Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri" and "Happy Merry Christmas" with all the prosperity and tremendous growth of Malaysia culture.
    1st Nov 2002

    Happy Ramadan As Soon

    In Tellglobal (LabuanWeb) will remain accomodative to provide conducive environment to support the e-business solution.
    On the coming time ahead, the focus of e-commerce is to ensure that economic fundamentals continue to support the advertisement in our website.
    The monetary policy stance will continue to be influenced. by global and domestics developments.
    We at TELLGLOBAL encorage you to link and lucate at our website with lots more facility and useful for effective business decision making.

    1st Oct 2002

    Thank You For Support

    180 visitors perday to visit our website on working days
    And around a hundred visitors on public holidays.
    Please give our local web long term support.

    1st Sept 2002

    100 Visitors Per Day

    LabuanWeb since our operations in July 2002, till today, around a hundred visitors perday to visit our website.

    Our budget for advertisement is as low as RM60.00 of products with company name, address, notes and whatever you would like it to be advertise.

    A specail offer for charity body with approval from government, may advertise with free of charge service fee for their charity program.

    Free 3 months of rental for new customer.