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When You Care But Can't Be There..... We Can Send Flowers For You At Any Special Occasions.

* We Are Specialised In *

    • Fresh / Artificial / Dried Floral Arrangement For Office / Hotels / Homes / Banquets   And All Occasions.
    • Floral / Fruit Baskets & Hampers.
    • Bridal Bouquets & Car Decor.
    • Church & Wedding Decoration.
    • Church & Wedding Decoration.
    • Corsages / Buttonholes & Garlands.
    • Funeral Spray / Wreath.
    • Cards / Vases / Gifts / Souvenirs & Others.
    • We Provide Delivery Services Within Malaysia.


  • Let Our Flower Speak For You

    Valentine's Day
    Secretaries's Day
    Mother's Day
    Teacher's Day
    Father's Day
    Friendship Day
    Grandparent's Day
    Boss's Day
    Mother -In -Law's Day
    Veterans Day
    Thanks Giving Day

    14th February
    4th Wednesday in April
    2nd Sunday in May
    3rd Sunday in May
    3rd Sunday in Jun
    1st Sunday in August
    2nd Sunday in September
    14th October
    4th Sunday in October
    11th November
    4th Thursday in November

    Address :

    U0194, Ground Floor, Jalan Merdeka, W.P. Labuan
    P.O. Box 127, 87008, W.P. Labuan MALAYSIA

    We are just a ring away, call us today.

    Tel:087 422422,        Fax:087 422422

    Hphone:019 840 7907
    Person Contact:Madam Nancy / Mr.Stefan
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