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 ALAPHAMA of fish which comes from Amazon River, Brazil.

Alaphama is a kind of fish which comes from Amazon River, Brazil. Alaphama is the fish’s scientific name. Chinese call it as "Ju Long" which means giant dragon. Imagine that how huge and amazing of this fish.

Mr. Fong Tong Loi, 44, a mechanic who loves to rare fish. In the past, he reared many kinds of fishes. Of course, alapahama is one of them. He bought about 8 babies of alaphama fish. When the alaphama still small, they look very ugly. Just has black body, don’t attract anyone enough! At that time, they’re just 4 inches long only. However, Ah Tong still purchased them at about RM300-350 each. As rearing fish is his cup of tea!

These 8 ugly fish live in a small aquarium which. Every morning, evening, and night, Ah Tong will feed them. They eat life fish. According to the owner, they don’t like to eat died fish, thus he force to catch some little fish for his loved alaphama. Ah Tong treat them just like his own children. He said rearing them is not as easy as you imagine. You need to pay attention to them. If they do not want to eat as usual, be attention. Maybe they’re feeling unwell, or the water is dirty and uncomfortable. Hence, you need to change the water and take care of them.

At the beginning, Ah Tong does not know how to rear a fish. Therefore, he always asks his ‘professional’ friends to gain some information and technique. Unfortunately, one of the fish finally breathes its last. It left the other fish and its owner, went away lonely. Ah Tong said this is because his lack of experience. He felt very down and blue.

These fish grew very as fast as that you can’t even believe it! Everyday you can see how much they grow. Ah Tong was very happy to see this. As they grew a little bit, red color started to appear on their body. They’re getting pretty and pretty, they’re not like when they are baby again! It’s amazing! Just like the "Ugly Duckling" story. An ugly duckling becomes a charming swan! Ah Tong was very delight and proud of them.

Because of the small aquarium is not big enough for them to stay again, Ah Tong decided to build a water-tank for them so that they have a suitable place to live. After about 10 months, those fish were moved to the water-tank. Yet, facts are cruel, rearing them really cost Ah Tong like a bomb. Because of their bodies are getting bigger, thus their food also need to be added more and more. Except the fish, he also needs to rear his wife and 4 children. Therefore, his friend advised him to buy the fish from the market. And the fish only take their meals once only a day. But this does not affect them, their body still very strong and beautiful.

One midnight, Ah Tong and his family were sleeping. Suddenly he heard a loud splash of water noise. Everybody was shocked and wake up to see what is happening. In fact, one of the alaphama fish was jumped out from the water-tank. It stroke the gate and the gate was damaged by it. Quickly, Ah tong asked his brother who just live beside to help him to move the fish get into the water-tank. It was extremely heavy. It needs three men to carry. Luckily, it still alive although it hurt.

A millionaire ever asked Ah Tong to sell these fish for him. He rather to pay any prices that Ah Tong want. In Labuan, there is no much alaphama fish. The most beautiful and biggest alaphama fish that you can see is Ah Tong’s alaphamas. Of course, Ah Tong will not sell to him no matter how much could he pay. Ah Tong rears these fish already about 10 years. A long period! How could he sell to others… he also believes that those alaphama bring happiness and luck to him and his family.

One of them was died; the fish was died because of sick. Ah Tong was very sad and he does not want to bury its beautiful body. Thus, he decided to send it to Labuan Bird Park And Museum as specimen. So that everyone can go to there to appreciate and enjoy watching his alaphama’s beauty.

In year 1999, Ah tong’s alaphama fish ever appeared twice on newspaper before. One is Daily Express and another one is Hua Qiao (18/04/1999). Now, those alaphama just left three only. Three of them were passed away (one of them are being kept in Labuan Bird Park) and the other two was sold to his friends when they are still small. The alaphamas are about 12 years old. For a normal fish, they are very old. But they still very beautiful and charming. On their tails, there are red spots around. Their colors are very bright and shine. They have a golden head and silver body. It’s hard to describe them.

Ah Tong is a friendly guy. He always welcomes some visitors to visit his fish. According to him, some of the visitors come from Taiwan. He feels very proud of them. So, if you want to join to watch the attracted fish, why don’t give you a chance to watch it? Come on, you’re always welcome to his house which is situated at:

No 0426, KG Kerupang 1,

JLN Pulau Buah,

FT Labuan.

Or contact him 019-8821397/087-416397.


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